Custom CSS in blog themes for Pro users.

If you're a Snipt Pro, you can now embed custom CSS styles for your blog themes. To enable this, create a Snipt with the title "CSS", set the Type to CSS, and mark it as Blog post.

The custom CSS will then be loaded into your blog theme, immediately.

We plan to offer lots of Pro-exclusive features like this in the future, so now is a great time to ...

Official blogging documentation and an exclusive Pro-only theme

We're finally ready to officialy release our Blogging platform along with documentation:

Our initial feature list includes:

  • Custom domains for Pro users.
  • Fully-supported Markdown parsing.
  • In-post embedding of Snipts, YouTube videos, and Vimeo videos.
  • Exclusive Pro-only themes like the one seen on
  • Custom content for the blog Sidebar.
  • Custom content for the blog Header (for Pro users).
  • GitTip integration.

Hope you ...

New for Pro users: Stats!

We've been busy doing this, that, and the other thing on Snipt, but we were recently asked by an awesome Pro member, jimmynotjim to offer some basic stats on views and favorites on snipts and blog posts.

We're in the business of making sure our users are happy with our product, especially our Pro members. So we put together the stats feature for you! It's fairly basic ...

Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your Markdown-flavored Snipts

Update: view the full Snipt blogging documentation here.

Dave Stanton on Twitter thought it'd be awesome to embed YouTube videos directly into his Snipt-powered blog posts.

Seemed like a simple-enough request.

When you're in your Markdown snipt, adding this custom tag will automatically embed a YouTube video with the desired dimensions:


Where {video_id} is replaced with something like K7vU2cDIyjU (you can grab the ...

Chrome extension for Snipt now available!

Craig Zheng has just made an awesome Chrome extension.

To install it:

git clone

Then head over to Chrome, and click Window -> Extensions. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox, and click "Load unpacked extension". Find the folder you just cloned down and save. Once installed, click the "S" ( and click the little avatar icon in the top right. Enter ...