Update: view the full Snipt blogging documentation here.

Dave Stanton on Twitter thought it'd be awesome to embed YouTube videos directly into his Snipt-powered blog posts.

Seemed like a simple-enough request.

When you're in your Markdown snipt, adding this custom tag will automatically embed a YouTube video with the desired dimensions:


Where {video_id} is replaced with something like K7vU2cDIyjU (you can grab the ID in the URL of any YouTube video). {width} would be replaced with a width value like 688 and {height} with something like 387.

For Vimeo video:


Note: embedding videos makes list-view of snipts sometimes chop off half the video. If you have a blog post that you'd like to force an "always expanded" view in the list-view, simply add the tag "snipt-expand" to the snipt.