I'll be keeping you up-to-date via this shiny new blog of ours. We're eating our own dogfood, as it were... using the actual platform to publish these posts (in Markdown, no less).

Keep your radio dials tuned to or get updates via RSS at You should also follow us at @snipt where we post shorter (but more delicious) "snippets" of stuff.

To get things rolling: we're giving away 6-months of delicious bacon from The Pig Next Door to one of our lucky Twitter followers. This is our way of saying thanks for helping us reach...

10,000 members!

Woohoo! We'll be picking the winner randomly from our list of followers as soon as we hit the big 10k. Right now we're at 9,951 users as of Tues May 15, 2012 at 12:30am EST. Unfortunately we can only ship to the US, but we're busy planning an awesome giveaway exclusively for our international users - if you have any cool ideas for that, let us know!

Nick Sergeant